Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Room and the Dreams of a Fairy

The room spoke about us,
Whispering with a gleeful joy
To the neighboring houses
Of how it held you and me
Within it's womb for those
Precious moments,
In the sandbox of her heart.

When you latched the lock
And secured our future
(With an empty pocket)
In the hands of the most
Beautiful fairy, you!

Between the door
Where you rested on your back.
Fragrance had set in,
Which you said had
Made you hold your breath
As you took your hands in mine
Forever, never to leave
Like the yielding ebbing tides.

And then we spoke of the moon
With it's broken wings
Which knows no bounds.

As I took a slice out of time
To gift it on a silver platter,
You tasted it.
It was
Salty, smothered with a
Carefree concoction of love.

I touched you inside,
Deep, in the abyss of your heart
Where no one touched before,
In you dreams.
Filling you up with all the colors
That you had ever imagined,
That you ever saw with those eyes,
My eyes!

The room ran into sweat
As the colors brightened,
With the pleasure that was meant only
For your soul,
For your mind,
For your body,
Which rose to the zenith of
With a sour taste of togetherness.

It sighed of relief,
As your beautiful hair
Laid on my arms,
Tired, as you melted into my skin
Like a chameleon in the jungle,
And I hid inside you
Away, far far away
From the crowd,
Sleeping, slipping into an eternal bliss
Of a heavenly galore.

The room spoke about us,
As it held us inside it's womb
Like the children of the night.
We played, unaware of
And the futile, frivolous mocking of
The toothless preachers.

Unmindful, blissfully ignorant
Of the surroundings, we healed
And loved.

As I lay beside you
Burning in desire,
And with bitter sweet pain of joy
That love had offered us
In a moment of an endless madness,
That held our hearts captive
In a sweet rhythm of the sound
That we had heard since
I never heard of your

I slept peacefully within your heart
As you woke inside me
Filling me,
With the color of your dreams!

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Lotus said...

"within its womb"...
"sand box of her heart"...
your composition of the moon without the wings is thoughtful...
Besides ur love tasting the slice of time did you also taste it?

and a house renting its womb for the children of the night?


madhurima said...

Though the theme is not new, this poem , seemingly based on an admixture of fantasy , memories and dreams, appeals to me for its unique and curious use of metaphor and imagery.
..."sandbox of her heart."...the house ...which.."held us inside it's womb
Like the children of the night."

tasting .."a slice out of time... on a silver platter"

...very innovative

aninda said...

loved this one ..the wording are intresting n rhymes very well ..take one back down the memory lane ...

Anonymous said...

another magnificent work reminds me of the song "yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar kisiko dekhna ho agar to pehle ake mangle teri nazar meri nazar" 4m d movie "Saath-Saath"

sorry for the delayyyyyyyy

Anupama Kondayya said...

I have been following some of your work for a while now and I have to say that this definitely marks a sort of graduation to the next level of writing. I was heartened by that fact.

If I have to comment on specific parts of the post I'd have to take each bit and write something about it. And that would be like dissecting this good piece of work. I would rather tell you that as a whole, this poem was well-strung, it flowed freely and for what it talks about, it handled and brought out the feelings very gracefully. I loved the metaphors and the analogies!

This is a time to rejoice for what you have grown to become as a writer and use your new understanding and perspectives to create some more good work. I send only the best of my wishes your way and nothing else...Looking forward to reading more from you.

Keep writing :)

rukhiya said...

Sensuous with innovative images scattered over generously. Nice work. :)

Pro-found-it said...

wonderful... just wonderfully written.. the visuals flowed in effortlessly along while reading, sign of a well written piece .. the analogies were superb but the best part was the flow.
seems like a poem straight from the heart. lovely just lovely.

Pro-found-it said...

:) u can reply ov here itself n ill get an update in my mail id ...
abt ur msg... i dont agree one bit, for there is a difference between controlled emotions and stone heartedness... a writer cant be heartless just like he/she cant be unobservant - they're a prerequisite for writing man !


Pro-found-it said...

sorry i dont use msngr

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