Sunday, June 15, 2008

Playing Rocky and Adrian

Good morning!
What a pleasant day!
Picturesque, isn’t it?
A perfect morning for a walk
In the park.
Leaves, leaves burnt in this autumn
Morning, falling all over the place, like
Rain from a cloudy sky.
But this is more cheering instead of
The sad face of a
Monsoon sky.

How good to see you!
Let’s exchange some pleasantries,
Shall we?
What, you have seen us before!
I don’t quite recollect, honestly.
Have we met them before
See, even she does not remember
Us meeting together.

What, you have seen us in the
I am sorry but we are actor in real life,
Me and her.
What, we look like Rocky and Adrian?
Well, sure we do. But unlike them
We don’t paint our face for the camera.
We do it for eachother. Why?
We are in love!

How romantic, isn’t it?
Yes, we have been with eachother
For almost since the
Beginning of time.
And we had always played
Rocky and Adrian.
I am Rocky, and she is
My Adrian.
But we are the Rocky and Adrian
Of real life and not the reel life.

You can say that
I am the Man and she is my Woman.
No, I don’t own her. She does.
And we have entwined eachother
Forever, like some magical symbiotic flora
Hanging onto eachother
To endow the manna of love.

What do we do? Well, whatever
A normal person does.
We live, we breath, we eat, we see
And we make love.
No, not at the darkness of the
Dank night. But we make love
Like this bright autumn morning.
What, you find it difficult to believe!
Why would you? You don’t know
What making love is!

Let me tell you then,
Making love is hiding in eachother’s minds
Through the way of their bodies.
Making love is touching eachother’s souls.
And just like the characters in the movies
We do it.

You are alien to the concept of love!
How surprising!
How do you sustain then? Why, how do you
Breath and live?
No wonder we haven’t met earlier.
Else we would have molded you
So that even you could play Rocky and Adrian.
Love is contagious
You see.

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Elusive said...

so simple yet so beautiful!!
heart wrenching!

aninda said...

this ones nice soimple yet catchy.. ur hindi ones need to improve the lings ....

► Gagan said...

very very interesting !!

nicely presented !!

keep posting !!

Alone In the.......Dark said...

Its a Beauty!

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