Wednesday, April 30, 2008


On New Year's Eve this year, a mob of 80 men(?) molested two girls in Mumbai in front of their husband and brother while the police kept a keen watch on the law and order of the country to protect the respected citizen of India. I usually tend to ignore or overlook these stories in the morning newspaper if and when I read it, which I don't do too often these days as I find that part of my morning ritual to be really out of taste. But I simply could not help write about this incident cause that would be a crime in itself.

I would like to point out a few things which would make you think twice before you start singing the National Anthem the next time to prove the we are proud to be Indians. Have you ever noticed what kind of monsters we have become running after money. While those two women were being (un)dressed like a freshly killed chicken to be had by those 80 odd men who wanted to have a time of their life, two photographers from a leading newspaper were busy taking snaps of the incident. They din't even bother to even try and save those two women, why would they! After all it was just another news flick for them which would earn them a few quick buck. They had a point, it was a huge crowd of 80 men and they were only two. There was a big difference in numbers. My question to both of them is, do you guys consider yourself to be men? Would you guys have done the same if it was you own mother or sister or wife? I would not like to go media bashing as I don't believe media as such exist anymore. It's all about money, brother!

Secondly, have you ever considered how hollow our law and order system is that nothing was done about those 80 odd men(?) other than filing a lawsuit against them for which they were granted bail and set free while that lawsuit got buried underneath piles of papers of cases which are pending for God knows how long! And you wish to seek justice? The Police Commissioner was supposed to have said that ''these things keep happening and the media should not make a mountain out of a mole hill.'' Surprised! Don't be, this is just another facet of "independent" India. Today when ministers howl and cry about cheerleaders showing skin on the cricket field which is supposedly a blow to the Indian culture where we worship women, they tend to forget that in the same cultured India women are being gangraped, molested, abused where people are going scott free. How easy it is today to gain the limelight!

In the end I would like to point out another fact of our life which would earn me the boos of a lifetime, when would we men start to think from our head and not from our dick! Why can't we simply learn to control our urge to use women to be a house bound unpaid maidservant who will also provide lipservice and sex. Next time you proudly declare yourself to be a man think twice. Are you man enough to respect women?

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Anupama Kondayya said...

What a question to ask! I am sure not even 10% of the men around can answer that in the affirmative. What a powerful line! 'Are you man enough to respect women'...totally strong, profound and articulate work here...

Keep it up and keep your head high. You're one of the more sensible ones while the others wallow in the rut...May your tribe grow and may women be able to be a tad less fearful in this dirty world the next time they step out.

ShAkE Inc. said...

strong words with a vitriolic whiff....bt frankly, such honest thoughts have few takers in this modern sphere of life. Bereft of altruism, Ppl really care less these days except abt their own needs. Hail Materialism! God has turned his back on our fellowmen eons ago...

Anonymous said...

too early to raise your voice...dnt you think Mr. Bhattacharya?
it's an amateurish attempt-that's all i wish to say.
good luck.


Vinni said...

see, i'll tell you. there is a lot of idealism in what ever we say. it does not happen,. i dont know how i would have reacted in that situation.

MY THOUGHTS!! said...

i ve already posted my views on that incident! all 80 of them were cowards! but worse is not these 80 men but those who after this incident were still debating if those two girls shud have been thr in the middle of the night......or if women thmselves invite trouble.......i mean obviously we love men feelin us up in buses, stripping us with their stare on roads......who wud nt!
no one asks a men to cover up whn they catwalk in their undies or just a piece of cloth called lungi! .......DISGUSTING SIGHT!

p.s. u ve been tagged:P chk out ma blog n copy ques frm thr!

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Anonymous said...

while i admit that ive done a stupid things for money, i always make sure i dont step over boundaries i have set. the one thing that really ticks me off though is how women are being treated like sextoys. its freaking ridiculous. i am a guy by the way, and i hate how stuff is now. if your one of the few men who actually care about women these days, just say i agree in a comment

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