Thursday, April 10, 2008


[Dedicated to my Jaan]

You came in my life
With endless promises,
Your debauch sense of pleasure,
In troubled times.
You declare
The demise of lonliness,
Your age-old allie.

I embrace you
With the heart of gold.
Of foreign lands
And lost souls.
I dream of companionship
With myriads of
Of mending hearts,
Of nests
Of home and emotions
And lost innocence.

I drown
In you to draw out the
Of falling autumn leaves
And cold winters
In front of a glowing hearth.
I dream
Of conversations instead of
Of pines, and silent afternoons,
Of frosted glass panes
Tinted in pink.

Of promised lands
Holds my mind's eyes.
And of togetherness,
Of broken down
You are the bringer
Of the fressness of
The first monsoon showers,
The taste of the sea-water,
And the joy
Of a blooming flower.

With you
You bring life.

4 Comment:

madhura said...

well found ur comment on my blog and checked out ur blog url ... liked the way u have maintained ur blog and ur imagination ... keep the spirit up ..

Anonymous said...

Relationship and Jaan are Superb.
I could smell the fragrance of Earth, feel the fresh air, see jaan and relationships as lively as true existence!
Your writings are great!
-----Your friend Mitra.

aninda said...

hey very beautiful ..... with u u bring life ..... very nice

Anonymous said...

Ghanton baithi sochthi hun ki kuon si dhadkan nazm karoun
Kuonsa rang muthee mein bhar lun
Kis lamhe ko qaid karoun

Soch ki iss nadaan koshish pe baithe baithe sochthi hun
Kisne lamhe qaid kiye ya khushboo ko paabund kiya
lafzon ke boseeda jaal se kuon rang ko thaam sakaa

AAj toh rooh uss daur mein hai jis daur ka koi naam nahin
Ek ghanaa dhundhalkaa har su
Koi subah , koi shaam nahin


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