Sunday, April 20, 2008

Making Love To You

A mountain so dark,
Lush green,
Brooding in
Nature's lap.

Rain, rain and lots of Rain
Falling incessantly
With unsurmountable love
Like layers of mountains
Going on

Sitting together
To find ourselves
That comes with such

Unseen consequences and
Forgotten pasts
Is what bought us together.
The strings of emotions
Bound us.

And we made love,
Heavenly, I said.
And you looked into my

Your skin was soft,
It melt like honey
My Arms.
I held you close,
Very close to
My soul.

You turned towards me
And I took your face
In mine.

Our bodies met,
Sweat formed on your neck.
I kissed your lips
Which burned with passion.
You writhed, and moaned
With pleasure
That you had never known.

And then you rested
Your face upon
And we spoke
Amidst the lonely hills,
In the language
Of silence.

Valley of mists
And the scenery of
A house between the woods
And a golden hearth
Glowing with the fire of love.
It held the story
Of our love in itself

Here I found
You, my Darling,
Peacefully, comfortably,
Within my heart!

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simantini said...

hmmmmm......tough one ....commen dat also 4 him ...i dunno abt ne1 else bt at least i feel al his poems r fantabulous n so is dis 1.....its really romantic nd sensual ...keep it up !!!!! bt dont 4get d promise u made...:)

Anonymous said...

very nice....this person writes from d soul...somewhere in his writing one can feel the connection b/w the mind and d heart....well to write good poetry u need both and he has both..so keep it up!!

Inam said...

Nice one! I like the evocation of an ambience of tranquility...

Anonymous said...

it takes only heart to speak something abour your latest blog....it's mindblowing...it's fascinating....so subtle yet so passionate and so pure!!!......
the best ever write up you could ever produce.....
with my heartiest greeting.......

Anonymous said...

Tum mile
Toh kai janm
Meri nabz mein dharhke
Fir meri saans ne tumhari saans ka ghoont piyaa
Tab mastak mein kai kaal palat gaye -

Ek gufaa hua karti thi -
Jahaa mein thi aur ek yogi
Yogi ne jab baazuon mein le kar
Meri saanso ko chuaa
Tab allah qasam!
Yehi mahak thi-
Joh usske honthon se aayi thi-
Yeh kaisi mayaa , kaisi leela
Ki shayaad tum hi kabhi woh yogi the
Ya wohi yogi hai-
Joh tumhari soorat mein merey paas aaya hai
Aur wahi main hun- aur wahi mehak hai.....


aninda said...

the feelings were expressed beautifully but still i felt something isnt complete.. u r drifting from one thought and emotion to another very fast ..though you talked of the mountain ranges i ddint find the flow that the range has a story is unflded yet not completed..may be am missing the emotions hidden

lopamudra said...

What to say about this young and definitely a uprising poet! he has a good flair of writing and bold enough to express the feelings cannot deny ! wish u all the best

adrijaa said...

a very nice environment created..The gentlity and a raging passion has created the perfect eroticism

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