Monday, April 07, 2008


[Dedicated to my Jaan]

Tear in your eyes,
My second nature.
Why am i being so unloving,
So uncaring toward you?
Towards your undying affection!

Am i a sadist.
Have i become,
Or would want to remain
Devoid of your company?
I am unable to live without!

Unanswerable questions.

Depths of your emotions,
Those unfathomable depths.
I want
To dive in them
And go down and down
Not wanting come up.

Care, love and affection!
What are you?
Who are you?
An angel?
In disguise of a human
A fairy?

Yes, that's what you are!
White satin
And Goddess of forgiveness.
You've taught me what
Love is;
I love you,
My heart, my body,
My soul.

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Anonymous said...

is ds sadism?
dear poet,it's nothing but the manifestation of love!!!

with an extra-ordinary write up.....u have come up with such a generic name..."Jaan"...sound so Filmy!!!!

c,i told u.........i'm a pessimistic by heart!!

aninda said...

seeems u r pushing urself towards hate just to tell others abt it but really isnt in u when it comes to ur Jaan ... somehow this one doesnt depict ur true self ..but i liked the way u described her

Anonymous said...

Jab chahaa iqraar kiya, jab chahaa inqaar kiya
Dekho, humne khud hi se , kaisa anokhaa pyaar kiya

Aisa anokhaa , aisa teekhaa, jissko koi seh na sakey
Hum samjhe patti patti ko humne hi sarshaar kiya

Roop anokhe merey hain aur roop yeh tooney dekhe hain
Maine chahaa , kar bhi dikhayaa , jungle ko gulzaar kiya

Dard toh hota rehta hai, dard ke din hi pyaare hain
Jaise tez choori ko humne rah - rahkar phir dhaar kiya

Kehne jaisi baat nahi hai, baat toh bilkul sadaa hai
Dil hi par qurbaan huye ,aur dil hi ko beemar kiya


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