Monday, March 17, 2008


[Dedicated to those innumerable unknown citizens of Nandigram who taught us the language of protest that was long forgotten]

Realizations, when came
The time had already slipped
And thrown me towards
The begining of the end
Of losing my religion of land.

Mistakes, I had listened to
The music of change while
Watching the kaleidoscope of
The stars while I happily
Slept with my eyes wide open!

Consequences, I saw the ground
Beneath my feet. Slowly being
Taken away, ripped apart with the
Swiftness of quicksand while I
Watched the sky for signs of change

Aftermath, The endless fight with
The Darkness began. I held my ground
With all my soul’s strength and began
To wait. The wait for Solomon and his
Sailors to find the promised land.

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