Monday, March 31, 2008

The Raven Couple

Raven Couple
Dear Natasha,

I believe you have already had a word with Mr. Duggar. You would receive your copy of the divorce litigation within a few days time in case you have not received it already from Mr. Duggar. Congratulations to you on winning the litigation! I hope the victory against me was quite satisfactory. I have come across a few of your photographs which I dint share with Mr. Duggar (which I know he would curse me for not doing so as being my lawyer he has the right to them), but I never felt like insulting you on the open court. The photographs were of you and Amit in a very compromising position. It’s a different issue that had I shown those photographs the litigation might have gone in my favor. How is Alisha doing? I don’t think she is old enough to start missing her Dad already. But I would be missing both of you equally.

Do you remember Natasha the tree beside my bedroom? The one which we used to watch together, bloom with the flowers and grow darker in shades when the monsoon showers washed it with its unyielding passion during the years of our marriage! Well since you had left last year, a raven couple had made their nest (house!) on one of its topmost branches quite a number of times. But unfortunately for them the first two times they made their nest and laid eggs, they could not save their child. Fate with the face of a snake made them succumb to its hunger; they fluttered their wings in despair but could not help see their unborn child being carried away in a live coffin. The second time they made their nest Mother Nature had taken its toll on them, she along with the rain as her scythe came to banish another new life from taking birth. And banish they did. The raven couple could not made houses like us to fight against the forces of nature and their nest finally toppled one day and the couple could only look helplessly. But God, who gives the pain, had also given them the courage to fight it. And they never left trying. And finally, a few days back as I woke up in the morning and heard the virgin voice of the new born. The chirrups, although barely audible sounded beautiful in my ears. And it was a sight for the sore eyes; the raven couples were feeding their little one.

We could have done the same Natasha, couldn’t we? I sometimes wonder as to where did we go wrong! We could have made such a nice family, and I did try my level best. I do agree that I might have had some drawbacks, but don’t we all do. Don’t we all have our own drawbacks? But then what’s a relationship where two people don’t have to compromise certain things in life. That’s how a relationship is made, right? If only you could understand it a little. You know Natasha; I sometimes think that what have we got by staying at the topmost position in the evolution pyramid? What have civilization made out of us, what have this culture, globalization, religion and those grandiloquent words made out of us? It takes so many things for us to maintain our relationships. We need the aid of counselors, we need lawyers, we need doctors, we need psychopaths, we need sociologists, we need rulers, kings, monarchs, presidents and what not! But for what, just to maintain what is ours? Just to maintain our family, our own family! And those raven couple just needed courage to fight against the world to have what’s theirs, to have their family. Is this what we could do by belonging to the most superior race in the history of this world? Is this the best we could do? Is this the best you and I could do when all we needed was a bit of understanding!

That’s one question that I would like to have the answer to. But no, like earlier I would not force this upon you too. I just wish I could have the answer to this. Then I could also have found the solution for the pain of separation from you and baby Alisha. And this pain has become very unbearable. So I have decided to go away from you and her. Go away where there would be no pain. By the time you would be reading this letter I would be long gone. I have left all my earthly possessions for you and my daughter. That’s should sustain you and her for a while. And those photographs are in my bank locker, you can take them whenever you feel like.

Its time for me to say goodbye to you and baby Alisha. But please do tell her that her father had missed her a lot. And hope you would find the answer to the question, the answer would be able to help those numerous others like me. They would not have to go away then.



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Anonymous said...

well..your blog has raised one of the most fundamental questions of this era..is ds what we actually want to acheive in life?
we need counsellors,psychiatrists, therapists and many such to save our "own family"..while a simple note of sharing and undersatnding can make a lot of difference....

Rajbabu,the theme is good.....but literary value......well i think you yourself set a benchmark 4 yourself.....and can't see u deviating from d standard!! good effort indeed. sharmi

Rooms said...

Beautifully written.......the letter was indeed touching.I hope many Natashas and Rohits read this post of yours and learn the lesson of their life.
Keep the good work up.May God bless you.ALL THE BEST.

MY THOUGHTS!! said...

i believe it a lingering ques to lot of ppl if their relationship will sustain or not!
a lil effort if all that is required smtyms
wish we cud observe nature more closely! n for a change learn smthng
instead of being ignorant as always!

nice post!! i almost want to thank you for sharin!:P

abhijit said...

A little courage could overpower all obstacles in life is the overview...& it has been a very startling representation
Now 1. over coming obstacles 2. Failure of a relationship.. are two different aspects...Soemtimes people in relationship doesnt even realise what they obsatcles they need to overcome.. leave aside fighting...
Its a very mature effort.. But try and look deeper into relationships..
Ekta broken relation e.. keu hero.. keu villain hoina...
Aar ektu chesta koro.. aro bhalo likhte paarbe..
God bless u...


Madhu said...

Simplicity of expression and sincerity of feelings come through poignantly in this short semibiographical outpouring.

The metaphor of the raven couple makes us realise with a jolt; how, in the confusion of today's increasingly complex existence, humans seem to have fallen sadly behind the animal kingdom, in holding onto the more eternal aspects of life.

A beautiful work of art--
It is a reflection of deeply felt emotion,
Of pain, that only true love
Can impart.

Smelling oranges on winter afternoons said...

I read your poems and other posts. One thing I can say is they are written from the heart. This piece is nicely crafted, some mistakes are excusable, as its heartfelt. Good work. Do you read?

Honda Civic said...

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