Monday, March 17, 2008

Finding Forrester

Out of sight
[Written by Paridhi Sharma]

Flames of oil lamp flickered
drop of oil trickles down
there was little left, for the flames to burn
she knew there would be darkness again
sitting in the corner, a faint shadow was quivering and wandering wall to wall
it was hers may be.

A window on the corner left
faintly visible
for it was covered with web and dust..
dust all over - walls, ceiling, floor.
names were written all over
were they conspiring against her ?
No clue.
She was dying
losing the continuity of her breath
she skipped a beat of her heart





a sound.



" what was it ? " - she thought

it's from that world outside.

"Not this time ! " - she decided

perceiver and perceived will merge this time.

" It can't decide on her fate - again".

The Light won't subjugate the Darkness within.

It was fake, she knew.

A shadow she was.

Ignorance couldn't creep in

Flames were flickering rapidly

It can't keep on burning.

Light would be shed away.

She could hear the trees whistling

it was the wind, after all.

she knew it

the lamp falls, glass breaks into pieces

another blow of the wind carries it away.

a faint smile crosses her face.

There is Darkness

yet again.

She is Created

yet again

These are not the mindless drone of a senseless soul. These few couplets have an interesting story related to them. A movie was released titled Finding Forrester starring Sean Connery. Now there the protagonist put in front of them a challenge, he asked his companion to write. But the catch is that he would not think while writing. Surprising! Yes it is. The concept was not to let the words corrupt the thoughts of a virgin mind. And the movie continued on its own course. A very good friend of mine, Paridhi once took the challenge herself and went on to write something similar. The challenge was the same. To write without thinking. So that the words do not interfere with the thought process. And this was the end result. Now if you knew Paridhi, as I know her today you would know that these words were not quite incoherent in their own ways. They have their own meaning. Why? Well, these words came to her spontaneously and thus were a result of her subconscious mind. We all might look at a particular thing in all possible ways, but when it comes to spontaneity the word that will best describe a thing would be the one which our subconscious would designate it with. Now its upto the reader to deciper it in their own ways.

I tried something similar. And here is the result. These might also seem to be someone mindless drone but I know what they mean to me. Now if you read them and feel that they mean something to you or that you could get a sneak peek into my mind’s eyes I would appreciate if you could write the same as a comment.


Fast moving cars

Going down
Street lamp glaring with all might
Girls. Girls on a selling spree
Neons, busy.

Dogs from the other car looking at me
People busy to go
Ambitions, fulfillment.
People going far away
Where are they going?
Saw Anna, long time no see!
Where are thou?

Phone, talking endless gibberish
No point talking!
Sarees, mela of colours.
All of us,

6 Comment:

kimmi said...

Endless chaos
Matter - anti matter collisions ?
New universe creation ?
No.... dust motes , lit..shining brilliantly
Apparently endless
Meaning less ....but beautiful none the less.
Forcing to think...

nisha said...

Hi you write with passion! so nice to have your message on my blog, wishing me for easter:) wish the same to you(a belated one, of course).. i hope you could write a poem for me and my blog:) hehehe.. thanks anyways:)

Stanley Ipkiss said...

hmmm....and more hmmm...

Mgrockin said...

Hi Raj, amazing capability for u to have hosted such a ince and useful poetic blog. I specially liked the section where you describe your poetic imagination.

Keep up the good work....mention something about the buzz regarding th BOIMELA.

Would look creative in your thoughts.

Smita Jain said...

I couldnt agree with mcrocking or (is it mgrocking?) more. Very poetic, very useful...must try the finding forrester exercise sometime. Keep up the good work.

Pro-found-it said...

i think (just a thought)
the 1st one
thoughtlessly thoughtful
and the second
thoughtfully thoughtless
not the same
i say
liked the lamp

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