Thursday, February 14, 2008

You don't impress me much

[Dedicated to Mekhala and Durjoy]

You got people assassinated
En masse, people who were
Close to you. You engaged
In the polygamous atrocities
That men pride themselves of.
Yet when you built a white
Monument with the blood of
Thousands for your beloved,
We foolishly held you as the
Epitome of love. Sometimes
Ignorance is not a bliss.

There are thousands of people
Who have not seen the building,
Many who don’t know who you
Built it for. Yet they fall in
Love. They don’t die for each other
Cause that don’t give them the kick.
Instead they live with their
Beloved through the thick and thin
Of a quotidian struggle of their
Daily lives. Yet they dare to dream
Which often are bigger than your building.

I am not impressed Mr Shahjahan.

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satnam said...

an outstanding piece of writing bhai....
visit mine......

Comfortably Numb said...

hey this is nice! Ur poetry seems to be ur USP....i wrote on too...would be great if u cud help me with any adjustments :)

my blog: www.cherryantacids.blogspot.com

MY THOUGHTS!! said...

whoa nice observation!

but buddy it will still be the monument of love coz we tend to ignore facts, to give acceptence to what we like!

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