Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poems, how do I write them!

People often ask me how do I write. What is the key to writing. I tell them that I don't write anything at all. Those pieces are not written by me.

A word comes into my mind, then a second, then a third. They crowd beside each other in fashion and thus forms a sentence. They tend to walk together for a cause, and thus forms a paragraph. And this goes on whence they form chapters and verses to fill in the pages of my life. I just jot them down on paper or on my blog to remember every moment that I had shared with them, just like we take photographs to keep the memories alive of those places that they had visited.

The words have been there with me from the beginning through the thick and thin of my life. And unlike others, they never betrayed me. They never left me for a moment. They understood me, they understood my intellectual needs, they understood my stupidity, my soul, my mind, my emotions. They understood me in my entirety cause its they who made me complete. Its they who loved me and who I loved forever.

So finally, here is a poem to my love.

I love you and would always do.


Have I lost you my dear Word!
No, comes the answer. How can
You lose me whence I am in your
Mind's eyes, watching your every
Step to worship my virgin soul.
How can you lose me whence for
Eternity I whisper in your ears
The mantras of the universal truth
Of love. How can you lose me whence
I am with you forever, touching
You lips with the fearless joy
Of an pristine nymph. I have
Possessed your soul, your body
And your mind. I have lived with you
Since the day you were born, and
Vowed to stay yours forever. How can
You lose me, how can I not be yours.
When you completed me in my entirety
And I complemented yours.

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the insider said...

You have effeminated the word "WORD". I never really thought like that...gud thought..
And words are words..they are always there and at the same time they are never there..
Don't u think that words fail us sometimes and we feel betrayed....( It was just a random thought)

Gud one :)

Inam said...

The dilemma of the poet is quite well played out!!! kkep writing!

Pro-found-it said...

And unlike others, they never betrayed me.

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