Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Poem with no Name

One fine day, while walking
By the doors of my past
I met david and roger. We
Spend some good time together and
As the purple evening was
Near its end, i heard from
Them about the wall. and i
Liked what i saw. it was a
Colossal structure, like a
Cinder block at the middle
Of nowhere. it was a sinister
Structure, with nothing to view
The inside of me. i spend
Thirty days and thirty nights
Putting one brick at a time
And i lost all my might. i lost
My vision and i lost my senses.
I lost my love and i lost my
Pain too. then came you with
Your fairytale dreams and the
Smile of innocense and the tears
Of a joy and careless laughter.
You put the last brick on the wall
And the wall was complete.

You put over there, and a
Couple of windows everywhere.
You came inside where none
Was allowed, cause you had the key
To the land of the fairies and
Those long lost purple evenings,

You came, you saw, and you loved,
And you gave the walls a home,
Your home, my home, our home.

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MY THOUGHTS!! said...

wat an amzin poem!

my fav one on ur blog!
n one i can associate myself with!

keep writin buddy!

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