Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Goblet full of Fire

The goblet, half full with the
Florid fiery liquid caught my eyes.

The fireball had set her aglow
With a brilliant fluorescence.
She had painted a kaleidoscope
Of curious, dizzying shapes
On the wall that had always
Left my heart aching.

I took the chalice in my hands,
They trembled anticipating the debauch
Pleasure of consuming her pride.

I wanted to let go
Of the sinful desire, but instead
She coerced me to let go of
All my virtues and I found myself
Bare and defenseless in front of her
Looking at her soul through her eyes.

I took the her by her
Arms and let the vile go down
On me. She felt like a bushfire,
Burning slowly through
Inside myself as she trickled
Down my throat like a promiscuous

My head felt dizzy and I
Forgot to remember the future,
I forgot to cry for the pain.
I delved in to consume her
Pleasure without any remorse.

And she baptized me under fire.

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