Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Who am I ?

Today once again I have been bestowed with the daunting task of writing "about me" on orkut. During these situations I usually find myself at a loss of words. I have spent so little time of my life to know myself that I hardly can remember anything that would be apt to describe who I am. So I should say that I am a stranger to myself. I do know my ancestry, I also know my abode. I am aware of my scholastic attainments and my religional habitats. But I am in great doubt whether these are just enough to describe me. Still I would try.

I am a dreamer. I believe in my dreams. The fact that whether my dreams would come true or not does not concern me, I dream because I love to. I love to dream because I can see my unfulfilled desires come true in them. I can see my dreams come true in my dreams.

I am a poet. I love to express my deepest emotions with words that best describe them. Sometimes I find success, sometimes a lot remains unsaid. Still, I love to write.

And, I am a simple confused soul.

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