Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rain ( Part - I )

The downpour had finally
Abated, outside the jet black
Sky metamorphosed into
The various shades of gray.

I opened the window to get a
Sneak peek into that other world,
And my life was set in a
Flurry of unsettling thoughts
By a gust of cold
Welcome breeze.

The sky was still drizzling
Its tears of happiness.
It touched my face with its
Ice cold hands.

I could not deny the call of
Those virgin drops of speckless
They made me step out on the
Open road.
Drenched, wet, soaked in
The first showers of the April
Rain. The fresh smell of the
Muddy earth, the bright color
The green dazzled with her
Unkempt pride of a teenage girl.

Another burst of cold air pelted
My soul and I shivered in the
Blissful Silence, listening
To the steady sound of raindrops
Falling on the leaves.

Then I saw you, standing under the
Steady dribble of rain. Wet, from
Head to toe. Eyes,
Those kohl eyes ready to cry
In search of a shelter, in need
Of a familiar embrace.

Your eyes met mine, and I lost myself
In their empyrean blackness.

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