Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year's Gift

I had a notion that for the past 25 years of my life my only constant achievement was failure. I have failed in every aspect of life. Be it as a son, as a student, or as a careerist, I have always failed. I started thinking that I would not succeed in anything and had come to accept it as a bitter truth of my life.

Very recently I started writing once again. My previous failed attempts at writing had yielded a single or at the most two pieces of no merits at a time. Although my computer suffered from diarrhoea of words when I started writing emails to my friends. I had accepted this also as a distention of the facts of failure.

But surprisingly, this time I had completed writing a number of articles and had them posted on my blog. Although every now and then I questioned myself when would this infatuation for writing going to end this time, I found out that the untimely demise of The Chronicles of R was nowhere to be seen. Then I received the first comment on my blog. It was from a person whose writing I adored the most. I was very excited as I felt that maybe, just maybe I am good at something.

And as my writing spree continued I kept on receiving comments from that friend of mine. It seemed that someone was really impressed. But I could not write in volumes as in reality I don't write those poems and letters, they make me write them. They tell me their stories and I publish them.

Finally came the day. I posted a poem named "Be my Woman" on my blog. But in the hustle and bustle for the preparation of the New Years bah I completely forgot about that little work of art, my creation. On 31st night when I was sending New Years wishes on my phone I received a call from that very same friend of mine. She told me she was overwhelmed by that piece and told me that she had already left a comment. I promised her to read it before I go off to sleep and with that we ended our conversation by performing the usual episode of exchanging New Year wishes.

Hardly did I know about what was coming next. The next few moments would always remain as the most remarkable moment of my life. I went on to quench my indomitable thirst of the curiosity to check her carefully crafted comments for my posts. And what I saw was the best new year's gift that I ever had or would ever have in my entire life. She had written a poem as a comment. Her own poem. What gift can be more befitting for a fellow writer who wants to tread on the similar grounds.

Thank you very much S for your gift. This would always remain close to my heart.

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meck said...

hmmmmmmm...failure part sounds like moa ...rest is beautiful...but guess its high time u stop thinkin tht way...doesnt help...weve all failed to do somin or the oder...but each one of us is bestowed with an unique gift, which sets us apart from the rest...inviduality!

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