Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lonely, This Christmas

I want to fly high,
Far far away,
A bit more further from
The maddening crowd.

I want to dream,
Of an oblitered nest.
Where once I roosted, for the
Warmth of her shroud.

That was then, when
Her presence was strong, but
Now the nest lies. Speaking of
Her absence aloud.

I have not forgotten you
R, Cause you are not gone,
Those feelings remains, in
My memorie's cloud.

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Sujatha said...

I wish to make a few points, pertinent ones I think...

1. Welcome to my world, the world of blogs.

2. A poet and a dreamer can never be an ordinary man.

3. They Never Die, They Never Leave...Those Who Live Within Us

Anonymous said...

would u mind if i ask u about R....
sorry,words are never meant to be taken literally..........

again a mindblowing literary piece at least for me!!!!!!!

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