Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Book of my Life

My life's akin to a book,
With all its boundless emotions
That holds within its
Dainty pages. The memories of
A desolate past. The
Reminiscences of a vivid future.
Behold the book of my life!

Many were bestowed with it,
Comprehended and embraced by
Myriad of omnifarious inamoratas.
But thou is a luminary amongst
Those faithless souls. Who once
Lost never to return again into
My tender affections.

Hearken O Princess of my unadulterated
Dreams, with each passing of time
This Book has died many deaths, be
The elixir of life and breath thou
Indomitable spirits into myself. Be
My angel. Whose Wings I promised
To hold ones for evermore.

Many of those ambrosial verses
Had been lost and numerous were
Torn. Write them O Princess in thy
Patois of endless love, and let thy
Bond of love cohere the weathered
Memories. Be the manna of my life.
And own me O my Princess.

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Sujatha said...

it's damn beautiful...for once i have been left speechless

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