Monday, December 31, 2007

Be my Woman

Be my Mother woman,
Borne me in thy womb.
Hold me in thy tender
Bossom, help me pass
The troubled times.

Be my Sister woman,
Hold my tiny body
Above your head.Dance
With joy for the reason
That you have a brother.

Be my Wife woman,
Love me till the end
Of time.Bear me my
Progeny so that I can
Become a proud father.

Be my Forgiver woman,
Cause slay I would
In your foetus,given
Half the chance
For a scion of man.

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Sujatha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mindspace said...

beautiful poem,
and wonderful poetry as a response by Sujatha. I have a temptation to save it and share with friends:)

andy said...

no doubt about it (sujatha's reply)--its awesome and touches ur soul--very nice --infact even urs is piece of art---keep it up....

Anonymous said...

asadharon........this piece of writing shows how sensitive and sensible u as a person are!!
keep writing friend


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